Classic climbing in the Dolomites

The climbing season in the Dolomites is never ending! Repeat the classic routes which have made the history of alpinism.

climbing in Dolomites Dolomite, is a type of rock made for climbing, it offers logical lines which can be climbed up dihedrals, cracks, slabs, offering great verticality. If you love rock climbing, climbing a classic or modern route in the Dolomites is an experience worth living.

You can choose a route which you have always dreamed of, or if you don't know the history and the alpinists who have climbed the rock faces of the Dolomites, allow us to advise you on the ideal ascent for your climbing level.

winter climbing in Dolomites

Plan an ascent in the Dolomites with a Mountain Guide

We suggest an ascent or a series of ascents which are ideal for your climbing level, with the added challenge of improving your climbing ability, and with a careful eye on safety.

A Mountain Guide leads you and safely belays you throughout an ascent in the Dolomites, teaching you the technical and safety notions of climbing as a roped team.

Dolomiti di Brenta

As well as making your dream come true this is a chance for you to get to know and experiment the techniques and rope manoeuvres used for progressing in a roped party.


We have been climbing the rock faces and peaks of the Dolomites for the past 20 years. We can give you the best advice in terms of your aims and your climbing experience and the mountains you wish to climb. From easy climbing for those who have just started to more difficult routes for expert climbers.

The history and the difficulties of climbing in the Dolomites

The Dolomites are extremely important in the history of alpinism and climbing. Important and unforgettable pages in the history of alpinism have been written on these mountains, limits were pushed, marking fundamental stages in the evolution of alpinism, of its leading characters, and of its technical gear.

Dolomiti di Brenta

From the 3rd grade to the 8th grade everyone can find their own route in the Dolomites. But be careful: this is not sports climbing, ten quick draws will not be enough. You will need cams, nuts, cordelettes for the many rock tunnels and spikes found, you will also need pegs and a hammer. The rock faces are not marked with arrows which give a direction, there are no lines of bolts which lead you up the face. The climber himself must read the wall, find the ascent, protect his/her climb with nuts, cams and cordelettes.

The experience gained is extremely valuable!

How much does a route in the Dolomites cost?

To give you an idea on the climbs which can be tackled in the Dolomites and of the ascents' rates, we have chosen a few Dolomite groups, climbs of varying levels, some of the most beautiful "classic" routes and ascents climbed by alpinists who have made its history.

We offer ascents in each group of the Dolomites and climbing packets made to measure to improve your climbing while tackling walls and peaks, we are happy to make your wishes come true. Send us a request with the route you want to climb, we will send you an estimate.

Give your passion time, from the approach walk along the path to returning back down the valley together with a Mountain Guide, create a friendly and educational atmosphere around your experience.

climbing in Dolomites


  • The rates per ascent are intended per person.
  • For an ascent with two people calculate an extra 30%.
  • Expenses for the Mountain Guide's room and board are paid by the participants.


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Brenta Dolomites

difficulty grade 1°/2°
Cima Tosa 3173 m. - Via Migotti + Normal traverse - Length. 250 m. -
Cost 320 euros.
The group's highest summit. An easy ascent for an approach to the world of rock climbing, following a loop shaped itinerary among glaciers, walls and vie ferrate.

difficulty grade 3°
Castelletto Inferiore 2601 m. - Spigolo Gasperi - Length. 230 m. -
Cost 280 euros.
The sunny south face is carved out by a classic and aerial arete. Fun climbing which gives great satisfaction.

difficulty grade 4°/5°
Torre d'Ambiez 2800 m. - Diedro Armani - Length. 200 m. -
Cost 290 euros.
Description from the Guide 'Monti d'Italia': Matteo Armani with Ettore Gasperini-Medaia, 11 July 1938. Extremely elegant climbing which is exposed and a lot of fun, it climbs up that crack and narrow dihedral which vertically carve out the yellow east face.

Castelletto Inferiore 2601 m. - Via Kiene - Length. 280 m. -
Cost 290 euros.
One of the Brenta Dolomites' classic climbs par excellence. The south face is carved out by a series of narrow dihedrals. The rock is excellent and the climbing is elegant and exposed. The approach walk is 10 minutes long from the Tuckett and Sella huts.

difficulty grade 4°/5°
Campanile Basso di Brenta 2883 m. - Via Ampferer-Berger route (Normal route) - Length. 300 m.
Cost 330 euros.
This was the last peak to be climbed in the Brenta group in 1899. Like the Matterhorn it is the symbol of the ideal mountain, the "Bas" is the perfect rocky spire. A sharp spire with vertical walls which surround it. A compelling story!

difficulty grade 5°
Campanile Basso di Brenta 2883 m. - Diedro Fehermann - Length. 400 m.
Cost 390 euros.
The south face is 500 metres high and an elegant dihedral runs up it till the main ledge. It is the group's most popular medium difficulty route.

Campanile Basso di Brenta 2883 m.- Parete Preuss Length. 120 + 150 m.
Cost 350 euros.
Combination Normal route, Spigolo Fox, parete Preuss. Cost 350 euros. This is the legend! The east face, from the "main ledge" an extremely vertical and exposed yellow face climbs up. Paul Preuss on the 20th July of 1911 climbed up and down without a rope challenging the unknown and himself!

Castelletto Inferiore 2601 m. - Via Alimonta Vidi - Length. 300 m.
Cost 320 euros.
This route is not very well known and is not climbed very often. It offers exciting and aerial pitches, a few moves of 5+, 6- make Alimonia Vidi a very respectful route which must not be underestimated.

difficulty grade 6°
Crozzon di Brenta 3135 m. - Via delle Guide - Length. 800 m.
Cost 650 euros.
A masterpiece by the guide Bruno Detassis! The route overcomes with admirable verticality Crozzon's compact wall, up the middle section, out of the two black streaks which make up the ENE face, it follows the right hand one. An extremely bold free climbing route, one of the most interesting and well known in the Dolomites. The climbing is beautiful and sustained along the middle section on excellent and compact rock.

difficulty grade 6°
Cima d'Ambiez 3102 m. Via Fox-Stenico - Length. 300 m. 
Cost 360 euros.
Historical and difficult route along the beautiful east face of the cima Ambiez. Wonderful rock in a grand and spectacular environment! One of the most beautiful walls of the Dolomites.



difficulty grade 1/2°
Cima Sassolungo 3181 m. Normal route - Length. 250 m. 
Cost 350 euros.
The group's highest peak. An easy ascent which must not be underestimated for its length. A series of ledges and gullies enter the heart of this mountain. With a 360°view overlooking the Dolomites.

difficulty grade 3/4°
Cinque dita: il Pollice arete north - Length. 200 m. 
Cost 280 euros.
Extremely sharp arete which climbs away to the north of the Demetz saddle. Its exposure and beauty can be compared to the Spigolo Delago.

difficulty grade 4°+
Piz Ciavazez 2831 m. - Cengia dei Camosci - Via piccola Micheluzzi - Length. 220 m. 
Cost 280 euros.
This medium difficulty ascent is situated in the heart of the Ciavazez wall. Guida dei Monti d'Italia: fun climbing on excellent rock in the more difficult sections.

Sass Pordoi 2952 m. Via Maria - Length. 380 m. 
Cost 280 euros.
Sass Pordoi's great classic. An elegant and serial route which climbs up the south pillar. A fun climb with arrival on the cable car's station terrace.

II Torre del sella 2598 m.Kasnapoff route- Length. 345 m. 
Cost 310 euros.
A medium difficulty route on the north west arete on the second tower. Continuous and aereal climbing looking for the weaker points along the arete.

difficulty grade 5°/A0
III Torre del sella 2688 m. Vinatzer route - Length. 300 m. 
Cost 400 euros.
One of the most popular routes on the Sella towers! The climbing is mainly tackled on dihedrals, it is a beautiful and difficult route.

difficulty grade 6°
Piz Ciavazez 2828 m. - Cengia dei Camosci - Via Micheluzzi - Length. 380 m. 
Cost 400 euros.
The route climbs up the middle of the black slab on the south face and with an aerial traverse of roughly 100 m it avoids the overhangs from the diedro Buhl. An extremely difficult and vertical route on very solid rock.

Piz Ciavazez 2828 m. - Cengia dei Camosci - Spigolo Abram - Length. 370 m. 
Costo 410 euros.
The south east arete of Piz Ciavazez. An aerial and complex technical route with a difficult move on slab 7°. A great classic, not to be missed.

Piz Ciavazez 2828 m. - Cengia dei Camosci - Shubert route - Length. 270 m. 
Cost 360 euros.
Athletic and vertical route which climbs up a line of narrow cracks. One of the best routes of this difficulty on Piz Ciavazez.


Dolomiti Cortinesi - tre Cime

difficulty 1°
Tofana di Rozes 3225 m. Normal route - Length. 250 m. 
Cost 320 euros.
The highest peak of the group. An easy ascent to approach the world of rock climbing, the most imposing peak of Cortina's basin.

difficulty 3°
Cinque Torri: Torre Grande 2350 m. Via delle Guide - Length. 100 m. 
Cost 280 euros.
Cinque Torri is the local training ground where the best climbers of the Ampezzo Dolomites trained. Easy and fun ascent on the highest of the five towers.

difficulty 4°
Torre del Falzarego 2500 m. Via Comici allo spigolo sud - Length. 150 m. 
Cost 280 euros.
A fun medium difficult ascent up a sunny and aerial arete. It is definitely among one of the most popular routes in the Cortina Dolomites, for its beauty, easy approach and return.

difficulty 5°
Tofana di Rozes 3225 m. 1st pillar: Pompanin/Alverà route- Length. 300 m. 
Cost 330 euros.
The route runs up the south pillar's arete, elegant, on solid rock and never easy. Interesting climbing with magnificent glimpses towards the heart of Tofana's south face and its more extreme routes.

difficulty 6° Superiore
Cima Grande di Lavaredo 2998 m. Comici route - Length. 400 m. 
Cost 550 euros.
The famous yellow and vertical slab of the north face of Cima Grande along its most famous route, the first to force through the wall's yellow overhangs. The greatest accomplismhment by the climber from Trieste, Emilio Comici.


Pale di San Martino

difficulty 1/2°
Pala di S. Martino 2987 m. Normal route - Length. 300 m. 
Cost 320 euros.
A wild and panoramic peak in the heart of the group. An easy ascent to approach the world of rock climbing, climbing through small natural walk ways, following the tracks of the first ever climbers.

difficulty 4°
Campanile Pradidali 2733 m. North face - Length. 250 m. 
Cost 280 euros.
A fun medium difficult ascent along an aerial arete. This route deserves to be climbed, even during the day.

difficulty 5°
Cima della Madonna 2733 m. Spigolo del Velo - Length. 400 m. 
Cost 420 euros.
One of the best loved in the Dolomites. A route with an enchanting line and profile, solid rock which is extremely featured! A route which should not be missed by those of you who collect famous routes.


Piccole Dolomiti

difficulty 5°
Baffelan 1783 m. east face. Carlesso route - Length. 300 m. 
Cost 280 euros.
Great route on excellent rock, with aerial and exposed moves. A classic route which should not be missed, opened by a great alpinist of the past.

difficulty 6°/7°
Baffelan 1783 m. north east face. Superbaffelan route - Length. 300 m. 
Cost 310 euros.
A modern route which runs up beautiful vertical slabs, intervalled with cracks, dihedrals and a few technical overhangs which wind up into the heart of the rock face in the search of logic.



difficulty 2°/3°
Piccola Fermeda 2814 m. West ridge. Normal route - Length. 330 m. 
Cost 290 euros.
Beautiful rock on excellent rock. Elegant route. The route follows the ridge, running up a series of gullies and ledges along the first part. One of the most recommended routes in this group.

difficulty 4°+
Sass de Mezdì 2762 m. South west arete. Dibona route - Length. 430 m. 
Cost 350 euros.
A classic of the Odle. Opened by the famous Mountain Guide Angelo Dibona. The route climbs up the marked western arete, climbing up along the weakest points. Great climbing along an open wall and chimney on solid rock.

difficulty 4°+/5°
Sas Ciampac 2672 m. South east face. Adang route - Length. 500 m. 
Cost 400 euros.
Splendid climbing, mainly up cracks and dihedrals. Usually in good conditions even outside the summer season. It is the busiest route on this face and one of the most beautiful and classic of the Odle group.