on the dolomitic walls, in the cliffs or on the cliffs. . . to climb all year round and travel in good company.

When climbing the rock attention is at the highest levels. The precise gestures on the rock in search of a new balance at every step, the visual fire in the square metre of rock in front of you and the emptiness under your feet while the mind tries to get in tune with the wall.

Mountaineering is a complete and engaging sporting activity.

Our climbing programs, where you can combine the useful and the enjoyable, that is to climb and spend a holiday by the sea, are now classic "by the sea for climbing": Finale Ligure on the boiling sea, Kalimnos small island of the Aegean Sea for a holiday among walls, beaches and Mediterranean flavours and finally climbing in Sardinia based in Cala Gonone to face all those climbing routes from the easiest to the most difficult.

Arco di Trento and the Sarca valley are our field of action in autumn and spring or when the bad weather in summer does not allow you to climb in the Dolomites.

Climbing with the Mountain Guide, in the mountains or on the cliff, shortens the learning time both to learn how to do safety, performing the belaying manoeuvres correctly, and to learn the various climbing techniques on single pitches and long routes.

Climbing is also a way to discover unusual and unique places, walls, people and landscapes. Besides being a vertical, intimate journey, is above all an opportunity to visit wild places.


Climbing on a cliff overlooking the sea, facing climbing routes of important climbers, testing your creativity and ability to raise your climbing level, are some of the opportunities you can experience with our climbing proposal: "Sardinia, blue climbing

In an Italian region such as Sardinia, which has now become a paradise for climbers, you will not only enjoy a small holiday but also an intensive climbing course.

Enjoy a day of pure sports climbing, accompanied by the sound of the waves breaking on a beach in Sardinia or Greece, then dive into the sea for a restorative bath.

scalare su pareti

Walls, rocks and cliffs at the bottom of the valley to climb all year round, are a strong point of our programs, followed by the professionalism of our Mountain Guides, to let you discover the many possibilities of fun and clearly to increase your technical level of rock climbing.

The Climbing for us is freedom of movement, the search for balance, the pleasure of feeling the handholds or the satisfaction of a successful passage, our world in the square meter of rock in front of us, with mind and body finally united and tuned on the same wavelength by this art of moving vertically that is climbing!

From the approach on the path back downstream you will be in the company of the Alpine Guide, creating a friendly and educational atmosphere around your experience. In addition to some of our proposals, we would also like to give room to your wishes, to the classics “to put in your drawer”.

All over the world there are no two equal passages. Wolfgang Gullich -----